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York County remains in the red for COVID-19 community transmission. This is important because it indicates the source of transmission for a large number of people is not traceable, and is particularly worrisome for health officials because that means the virus is in the community but no one knows where it has come from or can track its origins.

The best way to bring community transmission down and eventually to an end is by vaccination.

It is important to stay distanced from others, and to wash your hands frequently. It is important to avoid touching your face, and to wear appropriate face covering when in public, when around people who don’t live in your household, and when you can’t stay 6 feet away from others, including when you are outside. It’s important to know the symptoms of COVID-19 and to keep up on the more infectious Delta Variant.

But getting vaccinated is critical to ending community transmission and bringing our schools, businesses, workplaces and daily life back to some level of normality.

COVID-19 vaccines are available at Nasson Health Care by walk in or scheduled appointment (490-6900). The vaccines are also available at most local pharmacies, drug stores, and from your primary care provider. For a list of vaccination locations, click here. If you’d like to learn about the available vaccines, Maine makes that easy too: COVID-19 Vaccination in Maine.

York County Community Action has endorsed vaccinations against COVID-19 from the day they became widely available. We continue to support them. Vaccinations are easy to find, free to the public, and can be administered in no time at all. Let’s bring our county out of the red—let’s make York County safe, strong and healthy again.

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