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U.S. CDC Face Covering Recommendations for Maine

Per updated guidance from the U.S. CDC, persons in counties with “substantial” or “high” levels of COVID-19 community transmission are advised to wear face coverings in public indoor settings. 

York County remains in the “HIGH” level for COVID-19 community transmission. The Maine CDC lists daily the Cumulative COVID-19 Cases by County. As of yesterday (Wednesday, August 25), York County was second highest among all Maine counties for COVID-19 cases (14,552), Confirmed cases (11,473), Probable cases (3,079), Deaths (143), and Hospitalizations (416)—behind only Cumberland County.

COVID-19 vaccinations are available at Nasson Health Care, 15 Oak Street, Springvale, Monday through Friday, by appointment or on demand. To schedule your COVID-19 vaccination, call 490-6900.

Find a Vaccination Site

Maine COVID Vaccination Website

Need a Ride to You Vaccination Appointment?

Vaccines continue to reduce a person’s risk of contracting the virus that cause COVID-19, including the Delta Variant. Vaccines are highly effective against severe illness, but the Delta variant causes more infections and spreads faster than earlier forms of the virus that causes COVID-19.

Delta Variant: What We Know About the Science

  • The Delta variant is more contagious: The Delta variant is highly contagious, more than 2x as contagious as previous variants.
  • Some data suggest the Delta variant might cause more severe illness than previous strains in unvaccinated persons. In two different studies from Canada and Scotland, patients infected with the Delta variant were more likely to be hospitalized than patients infected with Alpha or the original virus strains.
  • Unvaccinated people remain the greatest concern: Although breakthrough infections happen much less often than infections in unvaccinated people, individuals infected with the Delta variant, including fully vaccinated people with symptomatic breakthrough infections, can transmit it to others. CDC is continuing to assess data on whether fully vaccinated people with asymptomatic breakthrough infections can transmit. However, the greatest risk of transmission is among unvaccinated people who are much more likely to contract, and therefore transmit the virus.
  • Fully vaccinated people with Delta variant breakthrough infections can spread the virus to others. However, vaccinated people appear to be infectious for a shorter period: Previous variants typically produced less virus in the body of infected fully vaccinated people (breakthrough infections) than in unvaccinated people. In contrast, the Delta variant seems to produce the same high amount of virus in both unvaccinated and fully vaccinated people. However, like other variants, the amount of virus produced by Delta breakthrough infections in fully vaccinated people also goes down faster than infections in unvaccinated people. This means fully vaccinated people are likely infectious for less time than unvaccinated people.
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