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From Nasson Health Care’s Behavioral Health Team

Our behavioral health team here at Nasson Health Care understands the significant personal changes most people are experiencing in their lives due to COVID19.  The need to make important lifestyle changes has happened suddenly with little time to prepare. As a result many people’s lives have become significantly more stressful and isolating.

When stress is heightened due to sudden unexpected changes it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.  Frequently when this occurs the daily stressors that used to be more manageable are not. High levels of stress can result in mental health symptoms such as racing thoughts, anxiety, depression and mood swings. The physical symptoms that can occur with heightened stress are changes in sleep patterns, appetite, muscular tension and headaches just to name a few. Eventually increased stress will impact our overall sense of well being as well as our close relationships.

Our behavioral health team here at Nasson Health Care is working to ensure the community has ongoing access to our services during these challenging times. We are available to meet through scheduled phone sessions for behavioral health counseling. Also if you are an established patient here at Nasson but have not participated in behavioral health services before, feel free to contact us with questions or to schedule an appointment at 297-490-6900.

As part of supporting our community during this time the behavioral health team will be posting information on our website weekly.  The postings will include resources that are intended to support healthy self care recommendations and coping skills.  Below is a resource that is evidenced based and focuses on ways to soothe ourselves that is easy to learn.  When used on a daily basis these tools are helpful in managing some of these stressful symptoms and increasing our overall sense of well being during these stressful times.

The link provided below is meant to support individuals in managing overall levels of stress. This is not meant to take the place of medical advice by your primary care provider.

This link is not for promotional purposes in regards to any advertisement being made on the Heartmath website.

Be well,

From the Nasson Behavioral Health Team


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