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YCCAC’s Energy Services program geared up for 2020/21 Fuel Assistance Season

The YCCAC Energy Services program has begun mailing HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) appointment cards to all eligible York County HEAP recipients from last year. The cards include the last phone number on record as well as a pre-booked appointment for each recipient. The first to be contacted are HEAP clients who may be susceptible to hypothermia: aged 60 years or older, households with children age 6 years and under, and clients with a doctor’s diagnosis. But over the next few weeks, all of last year’s HEAP recipients will receive a card. HEAP clients are also welcome to call the Fuel Assistance office beginning August 24th to schedule an appointment.  The phone number to call is (207) 459-2950.

The HEAP application process is fairly simple. A HEAP intake worker will call the client on the scheduled day and take the necessary information by phone. The phone call usually lasts about 15 minutes. A packet, including the HEAP application, will be mailed to the client for completion and a signature.  Also included in every packet is a “Reminder Form” listing the documentation the client will need to provide. The paperwork will then be returned to the Fuel Assistance office, either Sanford or Biddeford.

New clients or York County residents who did not receive HEAP services last year may call to schedule a HEAP appointment. The Eligibility Guidelines for HEAP have changed from last year. Also important to note is that renters who pay for their heat directly, or who pay for their heat through their rent, are eligible for HEAP benefits if they otherwise qualify. Also, if the client’s phone number or address has changed, they should call Fuel Assistance to correct that information.

We look forward to providing you with the best service possible. If you have questions about HEAP or any other Energy Services issue, please don’t hesitate to call us at (207) 459-2950.

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