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Fuel Your Love brings oil to surprised households on Valentine’s Day


BANGOR, Maine — Folks from Maine Energy arrived Thursday at homes with flowers, chocolates and a delivery truck. Customers say the surprise was a big help to their budget as their tanks were almost on empty.

“We’re kind of strained at the moment,” said Mike Drake of Bangor. Drake was on surprised when Maine Energy showed up. “I never experienced anything like this before in my entire life.”

“People that we’ve seen have been very appreciative,” said Robert Cort, owner and CEO of Maine Energy. “It’s just a nice thing to do for Valentine’s Day. It’s a feel good for us and it’s a feel good for them.”

Maine Energy made six free deliveries in Bangor, Orrington, Hampden and Glenburn as part of the Fuel Your Love Campaign on Valentine’s Day.

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