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Managing your Money


York County CA$H (Creating Assets Savings & Hope)


Since 2002, York County CA$H (CA$H) has been helping people achieve greater financial stability by providing tools and presenting opportunities.  No matter what your income is, CA$H can help you find ways to save more money, pay down debt, build or maintain your assets, and plan for your future.  In our view, there is no better way to promote economic stability than to instill hope—the belief that there is a possible path to a better future—and offer accessible ways for people to move forward.



CA$H programs include:


    Free tax preparation (including Earned-Income Tax Credit—or EITC)


    One-on-one CA$H Coaching and “Prosperity Partnerships”

    Volunteer Financial Coaching Program

    Matched savings accounts







To know more:


Call Mesha Quinn

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