Owning A Home

Pre- & Post-Purchase Counseling


Are you ready to buy a home?  There are many factors to consider when preparing to take this step.  Luckily, YCCAC Housing Counselors are here to assist you with the process and take you through each step.  Our Pre-purchase Counseling program is designed with the first-time homebuyer in mind.


You may meet one-on-one with a HUD-certified Housing Counselor.  Together, you will explore your options and identify potential challenges, to assure you are able to move forward through the home-buying process with knowledge and ease.


The Housing Counselor will work with you in order to:


  • Determine what mortgage loan option will best meet your needs
  • Identify barriers to homeownership you may face and present solutions to mitigate or remove those barriers
  • Review your credit report and identify steps to help you improve your score, as applicable
  • Help you develop a spending and saving plan that will enable you to purchase and maintain a home
  • Inform you about predatory lending practices and help you avoid schemes



Post-Purchase Education and Counseling


Congratulations—you own your own home!  Now what?  YCCAC’s HUD-certified Housing Counselors are available to assist you with maintaining what can be a your family’s most important asset, and to help you build equity so that you may continue to live and thrive in your home for years to come.


Housing Counselors will work with you in order to:


  • Develop and stay within your household spending plan (budget)
  • Establish a savings or “Rainy Day Fund” plan to prevent an unforeseen setback from becoming a crisis in the future
  • Build equity over time, and
  • Prevent mortgage default or foreclosure


To schedule an appointment for Pre- or Post-Purchase Counseling, or to find out more about these programs, please contact our Home Ownership Education Coordinator, Lee Sullivan, via email at lee.sullivan@yccac.org or call (207) 459-2961.


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Foreclosure Counseling


Are you having difficulty making your mortgage payments?  Are you at risk of losing your home to foreclosure?


If so, we are here to help.


YCCAC is a HUD-certified Housing Counseling Agency, and we offer free counseling services to help you avoid foreclosure, or to achieve the most positive financial outcome if foreclosure is unavoidable.  Our counselors, above all, will provide you with options, regardless of your housing situation and the contributing factors.  All counseling sessions are free of charge and completely confidential.


How Can a Foreclosure Counselor Help Me?


The first and foremost goal of the Foreclosure Counseling program is to assure that you and your family come out of the default or foreclosure experience with the best possible outcome.


The Counselor will meet with you one-on-one to discuss:


  •   Strategies to budget effectively and develop a savings plan
  •   Options to avoid foreclosure
  •   Avoidance of foreclosure “rescue” scams
  •   Development of an action plan to help you move forward


Additionally, your Housing Counselor will help you understand the foreclosure process, and offer guidance with foreclosure mediation, and/or negotiations with your lender.


To find out more, or to schedule an appointment with a Housing/Foreclosure Counselor, please contact us at (207) 324-5762, extension 2967.


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